Guest Comments

The following results were obtained by averaging 198 questionnaires, completed between June 2016 and July 2021:-

Facility – 95.90%
Cleanliness – 98.30%
Bedding – 96.20%
Bathroom – 95.10%
Outlook – 94.50%
Privacy – 96.20%
Peacefulness – 96.60%
Management – 98.50%

The overall average was 96.40 out of 100. 73 out of 198 (36.87%) scored us at 100% across the board.

We’re extremely grateful for the generosity shown, but want it to be known that we’re not resting on our laurels.

Love it.
Will be back.
Lovely size rooms / accommodation.
Quality fit out.
Quality furniture and kitchen equipment.
Love the pictures.
Quality bed linen.
Whoever designed this, built this and purchased all the furniture know their stuff and have got it just perfect.
Perfect for families or couples.
Great location.




Margaret River Cottages

Margaret River Bungalows is part of the Margaret River Cottages group, the marketing arm of 6 popular Margaret River properties, all of which are located within 5kms of the township.

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